If you are searching for a quality foundation or flatwork contractor, I would recommend Precise Poured Walls without hesitation. As a homebuilder starting as many as 6 homes per month, scheduling is very important to us. Precise does an exceptional job of keeping our projects on schedule. I believe this is because they recognize the significance of us meeting a completion date for our customer. Weather and other unforeseen delays can affect our schedule and completion dates. I cannot ask for better communication than what Precise provides when working through these issues. I believe communication is key to a great working relationship with a contractor and Precise does it well.

Precise Poured Walls has poured our foundations and flatwork for years. The foundation is what our homes are built on and I am confident in the foundation Precise provides. You can see the quality in their work and I can tell you they care about the finished product they turn out. What sets them apart is there knowledge of the product and the ability to explain what our best options are for each individual project.

Precise Poured Walls should be your foundation and flatwork contractor of choice if you are looking for a quality conscious contractor that works with you to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

David W.


Just a note of gratitude for the quality job you and your company perform on each and every project. I have been expediting and managing building projects for over 40 years and have worked with a lot of foundation contractors but none of them can match the quality, diligence and timing all within budget that your company displays over and over again. Jim Vohs is your “hands on” expediter and always has answers when the customer has questions. Of all of the many foundations you have contracted for with our company I can honestly say we have never had a serious call-back or service issue. All service issues(and they are few and far between) were always handled professionally and promptly. It has been a pleasure working with Precise Poured Walls, LLC the past many years and I look forward to many more years of working together.

Tim F.

Precise Poured Walls, LLC constructs quality foundations and flatwork with meticulous attention to detail. Whether a small project or complex construction, the quality of workmanship is exceptional. Our company does a large volume of business with Precise. We consider them a reliable, trustworthy partner in our new construction industry. All projects are completed in a timely, professional manner.

Communication is essential in our industry. All calls are returned promptly. Precise exceeds expectations in quality customer service and craftsmanship. They are a positive reflection of our company and its mission ~ we are proud to endorse this company!

Mike Kaerek & Nancy Schertz

I highly recommend Precise Poured Walls.

We had them do our foundation, flatwork, driveway, patio and sidewalk. Through the entire process, from the pre-construction meeting, through the excavation and pouring, Bob made himself available to us, offering insight and advice as we worked on these critical components. Since I was my own general contractor, it was great to have Bob and his team on our side, looking out for us and making recommendations to suit our needs. They were all extremely knowledgeable and picked up on a few things I had overlooked, and we have a better house because of my choice to go with them.

The quality of their work is excellent. We used them based on a reference from someone we trusted, and have already recommended them to other friends.

Marc S.

Hartland, Wisconsin

I would like to take a minute to discuss my relationship with Precise Poured Walls, LLC and Ideal Masonry Services of Wisconsin, LLC. The companies are run by Mick Mogensen and his son Bob Mogensen. Mick Mogensen and I started doing business together in 1977 so we are in our 38th year of working together. During this time I have learned to respect Mick as one of the most trustworthy, professional and incredibly competent tradesman I have ever met in my 42 years in the business. Mick’s work has always been some of the best masonry work whether it is when we used to do block basements, flatwork or veneer work on our buildings. Obviously now everything is poured walls and Precise by far leads the industry in the exactness of the jobs they do. Not only is Mick’s work superb but his word means more than most people’s written contracts. In fact I no longer use contracts with Mick but we rather just verbally agree and there has never been any question about billings, how the work was to be performed or the quality of the work. In the mid 80’s, Mick was joined in his masonry construction company by his son Bob Mogensen. Bob is exactly like his father, he has a phenomenal work ethic and the quality of his work surpasses anybody else I have ever used. Whatever Bob Mogensen says, will happen just as it is with his father. With both Mogensens, their word is their bible and you can count on it in every circumstance, whether it be price, type of work or when the work will be completed.

What I work on most these days with both Mick and Bob Mogensen is multi-family construction. We now do far more multi-family construction than we do single family construction and I could no longer survive in this very competitive business without Mick and Bob. As an example, we just completed a multi-family which Bob and Mick did the footings, foundation, flatwork and veneer work on. They did each of these functions better than any other mason I could have used. We are in the early stages of another multi-family in Lake Geneva where they will be handling all of these functions. There is no way I would use anybody but Mick and Bob Mogensen to handle any type of masonry work that I have.

Dan Carmody